RON DESANTIS RIPS 60 MINUTES A NEW ONE – Greg Gutfeld, Newsmax, The Truth

CBS, more specifically 60 minutes, came our with a hit piece on Florida governor Ron Desantis. They claim that the $100,000 donation from the leading Florida Grocery store chain (with 816 locations) was a "pay to play" scheme with vaccine rollout because "Publix was the first to get the opportunity" Now, lets look at the facts:

First, CVS and Rite Aide were the first pharmacies to administer the vaccine.

Second, Publix was the first company to "raise their hand" in offering additional locations to rollout the vaccine.

Third, the decision to use Publix was not Desantis’s alone. He talked with the mayor, administrators, and the commissioner in Palm Beach Fl when talking about the roll-out.

Fourth, the final decision was made when research was done that determined 90% of Florida’s elderly community was within 1.5 miles of a Publix. Not only that, but Desantis himself went to experimental Publix locations to get feedback from his elderly constituents, in which he received 100% positive feedback of the move.

Lastly, a $100,000 campaign contribution is pennies when you compare it to $23,000,000 California Governor Gavin Newsome received from Blue Cross Blue shield, then gave the exclusive right for the vaccination to Blue Shield.

So, when its a republican, you can fabricate a narrative, make up lies, and air this hit piece on national TV… but when a democrat does something exactly 230x more suspicious its not even worth investigating or questioning him over.

Not only is it totally obvious the CBS was trying to ruin Ron Desantis reputation with a story they knew was untrue, but they edited his response to the "suposed journalist’s" questions to omit the part where he broke down the truth of the Publix decision and how it was impossible for it to be a Quid Pro Quo situation. Well it’s obvious that they "edited for clarity" because with his explanation the story would have made the Florida Governor look responsible and successful, which he is.

The left is furious with red states that are opening up and giving their residence the freedom to be responsible. The research shows that pro freedom red states are doing much better with covid numbers and vaccine rollout than their Blue state rivals. Therefore, the media is fabricating lies about these leaders… PERIOD.

Cancel the Main Stream Media, Boycott Coca-Cola, JP Morgan Chase, MLB, NFL, Twitter, Google, Facbook, Delta, United, and any other woke organization or company that are giving into the lies and wokness of these leftist Swamp creatures

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