MORE RIOTS AND LOOTING IN MINNESOTA – Ben Shapiro, Daunte Wright, Fox News, The Truth

Yet another unfortunate situation involving a white cop, and a black male resisting arrest occurred this past Sunday. Wright was with his girlfriend Sunday afternoon, driving to his older brother’s house, when police pulled him over in Brooklyn Center over an expired tag, police said. Officers learned he had an outstanding warrant and tried to handcuff him while he was standing outside his car. Daunte Wright, then resisted arrest and got back into his car in an attempt to run for police.

This is when Kim Potter, a 26 year veteran, yelled tazer, tazer, tazer, trying to warn the other police officers to step back to avoid being shocked with Daunte. Little did the officer know that she had accidentally drawn her police issued firearm, shot, and killed Mr. Wright. This caused a full night of rioting and looting, as expected in these racially divisive times, despite the Media calling them more peaceful protests.

Former Brooklyn Center City Manager, Curt Boganey, stated that Officer Potter would receive due process, when asked if she was going to be immediately fired. For this he was fired. Let that sink in… He was fired for suggesting that the officer would be given due process. The mayor, Mike Elliot, had an emergency meeting that night and fired him on the spot. One council member stated that she voted for this motion to terminate Curt, because she fear the backlash of looting and rioting if she hadn’t.

Ben Shapiro points out that we are currently living in an America ran by the Leftist Swamp Mob. So much so that they can not only strip due process away from a police officer, who made a horrible mistake, but who can have a City Manager fired for even suggesting that its the right thing to do.

We are back to back summer where rioting, looting, and assault is justified on the basis of a manslaughter case against a Police officer.

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