JOE BIDEN’S GUN GRAB BREAKDOWN- Ben Shapiro, Newsmax, 2nd Amendment, The Truth

Joe Biden gave a speech on April 8th explaining his plan to "curb the epidemic of gun violence" in our country. The most chilling thing that he said during his speech is " no amendment is absolute." Really Joe? As president of the United States one would think that having a firm grasp on the constitution. IT IS ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTE TREASONOUS JOE, YOU LITERALLY TOOK AN OATH TO UPHOLD IT AND PROTECT IT YOU PSYCHO. But, that isn’t stopping Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Swamp democrats from attacking our 1st and 2nd amendment rights and violating that oath to the American people.

It is no secret that crime and therefore violent crime are on the rise in America. The cause of these increases seems to differ between the political parties. Per usual, one is based on truth and the other… not so much. Democrats are blaming the increase of violence (hence the need for gun control) on the pandemic, systematic and growing racism, and frustration amongst poor and minority communities. The truth is, Police have been de-funded, attacked, burned, embarrassed, persecuted, and laid off by, the hands of these leftists extremist mobs and, democrat mayors/governors. If you want to solve crime in your city or country… put more cops on the street. It’s not rocket science here, its been proven to work. Tackling mental health is another aspect that would be helpful, but democrats don’t care about that either unless you are decreasing police funding in order to fund mental health clinics.

We have never seen this level of assault on our constitution, our freedoms, and our way of life. It is both sad and alarming. Let us not be the generation that allowed for the collapse of America and our Constitution. We must save our Nation.

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