DON’T ACCEPT OUR LIAR AND CHIEF – Kayleigh Mcenany, Newsmax, Joe Biden, The Truth

The Socialist left has taught the right side of the isle many things over the last 5 years. The most important being, that we are going to have to fight in order to keep our country free. Another lesson that Chis Salcedo from Newsmax points out, is we don’t need a reason to dislike Joe Biden as our President. Don’t get me wrong there are PLENTY of reasons:
-the active border crisis
-his dishonesty
-his lack of strength (appearing weak to our allies and enemies)

-his lack of brain function
-his racist remarks, policies, and past relationships
-his killing of American jobs and America first policies
-his horrible foreign policy
-his attack on the 2nd Amendment
-his plan to pack the courts, add states, and end the filibuster

-his blaming of all this on the former president
….just to name a few.

But, none of that is needed. Joe Biden and his media henchmen lied and attacked Donald Trump for four years straight with 0 evidence. They just didn’t like the guy… so lets return the favor, but add the ammunition of Truth that the left seem to despise so much.

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