TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY – Sebastian Gorka, John Kennedy, Newsmax, The Truth

The time to take back our country is now, says Sebastian Gorka on Newsmax. The Biden administration, congressional socialist democrats, and the leftist mob are going all in pushing America last socialist policies on America. Republican’s (the ones worth mentioning) are giving it all they got to stop the progression of these ultra progressive policies, but they need our help! We must continue to write and call or representatives, speak out in public, and donate to Patriotic pro American causes to give our Champions ammo to fight with.

Speaking of ammo… Joe Biden’s latest attack on our second amendment is plain unconstitutional. His latest policy plan includes taxing American’s $200 for every magazine they own that is considered "high capacity." Which means any magazine which hold more bullets then "anticipated by the manufacture." The estimated cost of this proposal to the American people is 500 billion dollars, thousands of jobs, and the loss of hundreds of businesses. That isn’t even mentioning the planned outlaw of "ghost guns" (guns built or assembled at home from ordered parts), or the initiative to end the online sale of weapons. The is a reason why the second amendment is second, it guarantees that the other amendments are not taken from the American people. The time will soon come when Patriots are going to need to decide whether continuing to live in a free country is important enough to make a stand for.

Sebastian Gorka asked this of his twitter following: "Are you going to let Biden disarm you like Hitler disarmed the Jews, or like Stalin disarmed his subjects? It’s a good question… are we?

Republican congressmen are meeting with the Biden administration to discuss the possibility of their support for this Socialist "infrastucture" bill that consists of 5-20% actual infrastructure (depending on your definition) and a laundry list of socialist democrat policy that comes with a 2.3 billion dollar price tag.

John Kennedy (R-LA) who is a member of the Senate Budget committee says, "Show us the list of the projects you have in mind (in this infrastructure bill). You’re asking us to get in the van…. show us the candy first!"

With the frequency of policy being signed in by president Biden, and being pushed through the house and senate without a single Republican vote, it is interesting to see Biden slow down a little. Democrats have made it very clear that this is going to be done with or without bipartisan support, so why now? It seems that there has been some backlash from Americans and our elected Republicans to this one party madness that has been taking place. It must continue.

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