PINOCCHIO JOE GIVES DIVISION AND LIES – Sean Hannity, Greg Kelly, Newsmax, The Truth

Joe Biden sold himself to the United States as "average Joe." A left of center Obama crony that would unify the nation so divided under Donald Trump, is what we were told. Little did we know we were in for a divisive race baiting far left socialist extremist that would start tearing down our nation on day one. How is this country, the main stream media, and these "woke" companies tolerating this rhetoric from one of the most proven racist politicians alive today?

It is not secret that Joe Biden has a history of blatant racism and race division. Most notably is his close relationship with Robert Byrd during his pro segregation and anti-busing push. Biden is on record saying, “unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point.” Well, he was right… a little. But, little did he know that he himself would be the spark that lit the racial divide in our country.

Greg Kelly from Newsmax has an interesting theory. We all remember the scene at the Democratic Debates when Kamala Harris called out Joe Biden for opposing busing when she was bused to school every day. The crowd went wild and Joe was visually embarrassed and hurt from that attack. Kelly thinks that at that moment, Joe Biden vowed to prevent that from ever happening again, and in that moment he sacrificed his values, what little Patriotism he had, and his morals to the Leftist Swamp Mob. Ever since he has been lying, race baiting, and destroying our country all for a cause to undo his radically racist past.

Sean Hannity from Fox News has a different perspective. Its as simple as the left being hypocritical and broken. They want these race wars, riots, boycotts, and corporate wokeness to increase their power regardless how scared America and its citizens come out it.

What is certain is these are some of the darkest, most divided, and dishonest days in American history. The Patriots we have left are needed now ore then ever to fight through these couple years to stop the spread of the woke cancel culture and socialism through God’s country.

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