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PROSECUTION IS SCREWED – George Floyd, Derek Chauvin Trial, Ben Shapiro, The Truth

The more witnesses the Derack Chauvin prosecutors call, the more likely a "not guilty" verdict becomes. On day 7 and 8 of the trial there were some serious developments.

During the questioning of the use of force expert Jody Stiger the prosecution was getting visually upset and frustrated. During cross examination, Derek Chauvin’s defense made the case that the witness was not only unqualified as an expert witness, but actually had his contradict his ow n testimony.

The prosecution also called on Nicole Mackenzie who is a Police officer and the Medical support coordinator for the Minneapolis police department. She is also an EMT and EMR instructor. The prosecution chose her as a witness to prove that Darek Chauvin was properly trained and essentially knew better and could have done much better in his George Floyd encounter. The Defense turned her against the prosecution when they gave her a line of questioning asking about the ability to properly access a situation when a loud and potentially violent crowd is present. She said, that it would have been extremely difficult to properly diagnose George Floyd in this specific arrest. She was such a horrible witness for the prosecution that the defense team added her as a witness for their case.

The facts aren’t lining up to convict Derek Chauvin of murder. The defense argues that the knee of Derek Chauvin had little to do with George Floyd’s death. Most importantly, Floyd was under the influence of 3-4x the lethal dose of Fentanyl, and Methamphetamine. Secondly, he had a 75% arterial blockage, which could not have been known by Derek Chauvin. Thirdly, he was COVID POSITIVE. All of these items alone would normally be all that is needed for reasonable doubt.

In closing, George Floyd was a 6 ft 6 inch 245lb male who was resisting arrest for nearly 30 minutes. The argument that Derek Chauvin’s use of force wasn’t warranted is a non starter. He forced his way out of the vehicle despite 3 officers trying to keep him inside the squad car.

Best said by Ben Shapiro with The Daily Wire, I’m not trying to say " that Derek Chauvin is a wonderful person, or god forbid George Floyd deserved to die, or anything like that, nothing like that." "The point I am making here is the media are lying to you when they say there is no case for reasonable doubt." "There is an extremely strong case for reasonable doubt."

One can only pray that the riots and looting that take place after this potential Derek Chauvin not guilty verdict, are less severe then the riots we saw following George Floyd’s death.