It was in the midst of the 2020 Election that a bombshell dropped on the Biden campaign. Without their knowledge, The New York Post acquired Hunter Biden’s laptop that he had forgotten at a repair shop and ran a story on the contents they found. Drugs, guns, prostitutes. The laptop was a treasure trove of information on the type of people the Bidens really were. And as soon as the news broke, Big Tech swooped in and buried the story, even claiming that it wasn’t Hunter’s laptop. But as you are about to see, everything you believed about Hunter Biden is not only true but even worse. 

With the Democrats using Big Tech to control the narrative, the story of Hunter Biden slowly fizzled as they shifted to helping him with his addiction to drugs. Instead of worrying about the laws he might have broken, or his business dealing with China, the media ran stories about how he accidentally smoked parmesan cheese off the carpet believing it was crack. 

But thanks to the Daily Mail, who continued to press the story, forensic evidence now proves that the laptop, which started the whole controversy, was in fact – Hunter Biden’s. And it doesn’t stop there. Now that we know who the laptop belonged to – the better question is, what was on it? 

According to the evidence, the laptop proved that Hunter Biden received unauthorized protection from the secret service. Begged his father to run for President to save his own reputation, made adult films with prostitutes, and even lied on a background check so he could purchase a firearm. 

Do you believe Dr. Fauci when he says another COVID surge is on the way?

With more than enough evidence to have crippled the Biden campaign, Big Tech decided to pull the focus from attacking the Bidens and focus more on Hunter’s book deal. And who can forget that Hunter once took venom from a frog so he could get sober? If you were wondering, it did work, but only for a year. By that time, Hunter was back using drugs and making adult films. 

So with the media’s help and Big Tech doing their bidding, the Democrats were not only able to secure the election for Biden, but they also painted Donald Trump as a liar, hellbent on destroying a recovering addict’s life.

But as the evidence shows above, Trump was right yet again, which shouldn’t be all that surprising. 

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on April 10, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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