About 90% of the Trump campaign to be President the first time and the reason he was elected was illegal immigration and “Build the Wall.”

So now that Biden might be caving to “plug the gaps” in the wall, why isn’ this the biggest story ever on national news??

Seriously, Trump was called every name in the book for wanting to keep our borders secure – racist, islamophobic, Hitlerian and more. 

Wanting to dismantle (literally) everything that Trump did while President, Biden said in August of 2020 while running to be the big cheese that he wouldn’t build “another foot of wall” during his presidency.

Biden halted construction on the wall on day one of his presidency, handing over the nicely built roads that were built to get to the areas of the wall construction over the the cartels. Thanks, Biden!

Now that Biden’s border policies are welcoming in the entire planet, Biden is contemplating what to do next – but not necessarily because America is unsafe. 

Do you plan on getting the COVID vaccine?

Not because terrorists are being found trying to cross into the country. Not because sex and drug trafficking has increased enormously.

No, it’s because Biden is getting bad press and he needs to show that he’s doing “something” during the out of control crisis that he has created.

He still has to lie about it though and his administration calls it “plugging the gaps” and “renovation.”

That’s the same thing as building the wall. If there is a wall on the left and a wall on the right and no wall in the middle, you have to build the wall in the middle. That’s what Trump was doing. In addition to adding gates and technology.

At the end of his Presidency, Trump had built 452 miles of wall at the border. That includes new barriers, replacement barriers and secondary walls. 

Now it looks like Biden is considering restarting the construction of the wall on the southern border.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas disingenuously said that Biden’s cancellation of the the construction left “room to make decisions on finishing gaps in the wall.” 

Whatever. Democrats are all marketing and no substance. They lie as much as they breathe.

Renovation is the same as building the wall no matter what flowery words they use or how they spin the actual truth.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on April 7, 2021. It originally appeared in SteveGruber.com and is used by permission.

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