The Biden administration is paying almost $12,000 a month for one hotel room for a single illegal immigrant, $71,000 per person per family over six months. That’s your money they are spending while Americans go homeless in the streets.

FNC: “Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn is demanding answers from the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tuesday over the $86.9 million the agencies are spending to house more than 1,200 migrant families in hotel rooms. The Biden administration, earlier this month, awarded ICE an $86.9 million contract through Texas-based nonprofit Endeavors for hotel rooms near the border to provide temporary shelter and processing services for families who have been expelled from the United States but have been placed in immigration proceedings for their removal.

“The number of migrant children in federal custody has surged past 4,000, with roughly 94% of beds for migrant children occupied, sources told Fox News, while adding that migrant children are entering federal custody faster than they are leaving, creating a backlog. Customs and Border Protection announced that the agency encountered 100,441 individuals in February, a 28% increase over January, the agency said. Of those, 19,246 individuals were in family units, 9,457 were unaccompanied children and 71,598 were single adults.”

Blackburn commented that in 2018, Endeavors brought in “over $38 million in contributions and grants,” and found that “IRS filings show that nearly $22 million or almost half of those contributions went to salaries.” Yup, a nonprofit scam that uses a bleeding heart pitch to line their own pockets.

Who of the following would you rather have as our President?

“This raises questions if half of the $86.9 million in ICE contract proceeds will likewise be allocated toward employee and executive compensation instead of migrant services or housing. As the current contract stands, the cost to taxpayers for housing 1,200 migrant families for six months is about $71,000 per person,” Blackburn wrote. “For a family of four, that amounts to a shocking $284,000 — enough to buy a small house.” Does your family get that perk from the feds? Do you get almost $12,000 a month for hotel rooms? Illegal immigrants do and under this administration will continue to receive that and more.

“It is unclear whether this nonprofit has ever previously managed a contract of this magnitude, housed a migrant population of this size or served vulnerable children without putting them at further risk,” Blackburn wrote. Oh lovely, they likely aren’t even qualified. This is the Biden administration making their friends rich and housing illegal immigrants in hotels, while many Americans struggle to make ends meet. And it’s going to get worse.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on March 31, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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